Lee group rocked the TMS 2024 (Orlando, FL)!

Lee group rocked the TMS 2024 (Orlando, FL)! There were FIVE oral presentations! Everyone did a great job!!!

  • Alexander Horvath, “Tension-compression asymmetric behavior of screw dislocation in body-centered-cubic metal nanopillars,” Symposium: Mechanical Behavior at the Nanoscale VII, 4:10PM-4:30PM, 03/04/2024, Room: Manatee Spring I
  • Seok-Woo Lee, “Micro-tensile behavior of niobium single crystals at cryogenic temperatures,” Symposium: Nanostructured Materials in Extreme Environments II, 5:20PM-5:40PM, 03/05/2024, room: Bayhill 19
  • Zhognyuan Li, “Nanoporous amorphous carbon nanopillars with lightweight, near-theoretical strength, large fracture strain, and high damping capability, Symposium: Mechanical Response of Materials Investigated through NovelIn-situ Experiments and Modeling, 2:20PM-2:40PM, 03/06/2024, room: Barrel Spring I
  • Kyrus Tsai (Mark Aindow’s group, Seok-Woo and Jay were co-authored!), “The Effects of Molybdenum Segregation on Mechanical Behavior in Maraging Steel Processed by Wire Directed Energy Deposition,” Symposium: High Performance Steels, 03/06/2024, 4:55PM-5:15PM, room: Bayhill 31
  • Zachary Arenella, “Grain Size Effect on Microstructural Evolution in Nanocrystalline MgAl2O4 under Nanoindentation,” Symposium: Mechanical Behavior at the Nanoscale VII, 11-11:20AM, 03/07/2024, room: Manatee Spring I


<Dinner with Alex and Zhongyuan at Disney Spring>

<Alex’s presentation>

<Zack’s presentation>

<Dinner with Prof. William Nix (Seok-Woo’s PhD advisor) and his former PhD students>