Month: December 2016

Lee’s group attended 2016 MRS Fall Meeting at Boston!

Lee’s group attend 2016 MRS Fall Meeting at Boston!

Enjoy photos in our Gallery!

Oral Presentation

  • Strong, Ductile, Thermally Stable Cu-Based Metal-Intermetallic Nanostructure Composites
    Keith Dusoe, Sriram Vijayan, Thomas Bissell, Jie Chen, Avinash Dongare, Mark Aindow, Seok-Woo Lee
  • A New Class of Superelastic Material – ThCr2Si2-type Novel Intermetallic Compounds At Small Length Scales
    Keith Dusoe, Ian Bakst, John Sypek, Christopher Weinberger, Paul Canfield, Seok-Woo Lee
  • Superelasticity, Micaceous Plasticity and Size Effects of Novel Intermetallic Compound CaFe 2As 2 at Small Length Scales
    John Sypek, Christopher Weinberger, Paul Canfield, Sergey Bud’ko, Seok-Woo Lee
  • Synthesis of Bulk Single-Crystalline Quasicrystal Approximant YCd6 and Its SmallScale Mechanical Properties
    Gyuho Song, Tai Kong, Paul Canfield, Seok-Woo Lee
  • Modelling The Superelastic Behavior In Small Scale¬†ThCr2Si2-Type Crystal
    Christopher Weinberger, Ian Bakst, John Sypek, Keith Dusoe, Hang Yu, Paul Canfield, Seok-Woo Lee
  • Particle Impact Phenomena in Cold Spray of Gas Atomized Aluminum Alloy Powders
    Mark Aindow, Benjamin Bedard, Harold Body, Victor Champagne, Avinash Dongare, Tyler Flanagan, Seok-Woo Lee, Sumit Suresh, Xuemei Wang


  • The Effects of Cooling Rate on Deformation Mechanisms in Novel Metal-Intermetallic Nanostructured Composites
    Andrew Boucher, Jacob Mount, Jack Morley, Leopolodo Valencia, Keith Dusoe, Seok-Woo Lee
  • Mechanical Characterization of Cold Sprayed Aluminum Alloy Powders Using In Situ Micropillar Compression
    Tyler Flanagan, Benjamin Bedard, Sumit Suresh, Mark Aindow, Avinash Dongare, Harold Brody, Victor Champagne, Xuemei Wang, Seok-Woo Lee
  • Microstructural Development During Particle/Substrate Impacts in Cold Spray of Gas Atomized Aluminum Alloy Powders
    Benjamin Bedard, Tyler Flanagan, Sumit Suresh, Avinash Dongare, Seok-Woo Lee, Harold Body, Xuemei Wang, Victor Champagne, Mark Aindow
  • Mesoscale Modeling of Single Particle Impact Induced Microstructural Evolution during Cold Spray of Aluminum Powders
    Sumit Suresh, Benjamin Bedard, Tyler Flanagan, Seok-Woo Lee, Mark Aindow, Harold Brody, Xuemei Wang, Victor Champagne, Avinash Dongare