Month: May 2019

Seok-Woo’s Capstone Design Team won the 2nd place!

Seok-Woo’s Capstone Design Team won the 2nd place in MSE Capstone Presentation!

The team members are Beril Tonyali, Avery Gray, and Lara Huapaya Rojas.

The project title is “The effects on heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of additive manufactured AlSi10Mg“. This work was sponsored by Sikorsky.

They confirmed the unexpectedly rapid kinetics of Si clustering and grain growth in additive manufactured materials and identified the optimum condition of heat treatment to produce the combination of high yield strength, high ultimate tensile strength, and high ductility. The optimized mechanical properties are surprisingly similar with those of Al6061-T6. Our data are nearly the state-of-art compared to literatures that have been published in recent 6 years. I really appreciate their great efforts!


(From the left: Seok-Woo, Lara, Beril, and Avery).