Month: October 2017

Keith, John and Seok-Woo visited Croatia to attend the ECI conference!

Keith, John and Seok-Woo attended the ECI “Nanomechanical testing in materials research and development IV” at Croatia.

Keith gave a poster presentation entitled “Ultra-high Elastic Strain Energy Storage in Hybrid Metal-oxide Infiltrated Polymer Nanocomposites.”

John gave a poster presentation entitled “Superelasticity and micaceous plasticity of the novel intermetallic compound CaFe2As2 at small length scales.

Seok-Woo gave an oral presentation entitled “A new type of superelastic and shape memory materials: ThCr2Si2-structured novel intermetallic compounds at small length scales.”

Also, please enjoy beautiful pictures at our group gallery!


Jessica received NSF LSAMP-BD fellowship! Many Congratulations!

Jessica received NSF LSAMP-BD (Bridge to Doctorate) fellowship! Many congratulations!

Her funding supports her research on mechanical behavior of amorphous boron. This material is highly interesting in that it is a monatomic metallic glass, which is extremely rare. We expect dynamic structural change of this metastable (barely unstable) material under significant mechanical deformation at the micrometer scale.

Program information is available below.