Development of in-situ Nanomechanical Test Methods

(Current Sponsor: NASA Early Career and Department of Energy – Basic Energy Science)

In-situ nano-mechanical tests under a different thermal environment.

The development of one-of-kind in-situ nano-mechanical testing system working under the extreme environments from cryogenic temperature (down to -200 oC) to high temperature (up to +500 oC) 

: We are studying mechanical behaviors at the nanometer scale under different thermal environments (e.g. ductile-to-brittle transition, creep, and fatigue). Through this research, we aim to understand how the combination of size effect and thermal effect influence mechanical behaviors of materials. Furthermore, it is expected that this unique technique can be used for interdisciplinary studies, which involve stress-induced property changes at the nanometer scale. Enjoy in-situ deformation movies below!

Our current laboratory record of the lowest temperature is 37 Kelvin (-236 degree C) with liquid helium cooling.


< in-situ nano-mechanical tester with the temperature control capability >

(John Sypek is measuring the sample stage temperature (2018)).


<Micro-tension of [0 0 1] niobium at 298 K: Ductile Fracture>

<Micro-tension of [0 0 1] niobium at 56 K: Brittle Fracture >



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