Group Gallery 2019


MRS meeting at Boston (12/1~12/6/2019).


ECI meeting at Spain (9/29~10/4/2019).


Chinese food! Yum! (07/06/2019).


UConn graduate graduation ceremony (05/11/2019).

Dr. Sypek (My first PhD student!). Many congratulations on your graduation!

I wish you success in Collins Aerospace!


UConn undergraduate graduation ceremony (05/11/2019).



Many congratulations on all your success!!!


Capstone: Senior Design Day @ Gampel, UConn (05/03/2019).

(From the left: Seok-Woo Lee, Lara Huapaya Rojas, Beril Tonyali, Avery Gray)

Congratulations on the 2nd place of MSE Capstone Design Presentation Competition!


Group BBQ @ Jessica’s house (04/28/2019).




UConn MSE Banquet @ UConn, Storrs (04/12/2019).

Alumni (Class of 2018) visited the MSE Banquet!

Mariel worked in my laboratory to study mechanical properties of amorphous boron.

(From left to right: Seok-Woo, Haley, Mariel, Andrew)


TMS 2019 @ San Antonio, TX (03/10~14,2019).


University of Connecticut (02/14/2019).

Farewell to John Sypek. Good luck for your career at Collins Aerospace!