Month: May 2020

Beautiful artwork from DMD: Rotating Tyler’s Au microparticles!

This is the the artwork of UConn Digital Media and Design (DMD) Graduate Assistants Yucheng Hang, 杭雨城, and Maria Raykova. In an art-meets-science partnership, Yucheng and Maria created imaginative designs based on microscopy images provided by UConn Tech Park – Innovation Partnership Building researchers.

Artist’s Statement
This is my second piece of artwork in this series connecting the micro world with the macro world. The geometry of the original image inspired me to animate it and create a feeling of being in the universe. -Yucheng Chang

Original Image (displayed in comments below): solid-state de-wetted gold microparticles on sapphire substrate. Courtesy of Tyler Flanagan, CAMMA, IPB at UConn Tech Park.

The official link of this video is the following.


Kiera attended the virtual Frontiers 2020!

Kiera participated in the virtual Frontiers 2020!

The title of her poster is “Effects of Alloying on Dislocation Nucleation in [001] SrNi2P2“. Kiera used spherical indentation and investigated the dislocation nucleation stress for differently alloyed SrNi2P2. She discovered that a large atomic inclusion (Rh) can induce a residual shear stress that lowers a dislocation nucleation stress. So, alloying has been known to make the motion of dislocation difficult, but it could the nucleation of dislocation easy!

Her online poster presentation is available at this Portfolium link. You must log-in with your UConn ID (or google/Facebook) to see her presentation.

Frontiers in Undergraduate Research exhibitions provide opportunities for UConn’s talented undergraduate researchers to share their work with the university community. Consistent with the University’s steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Frontiers 2020 has moved online.

Previously, Amanda Giroux (2018, currently at Electric Boat) and Hetal Patel (2019, currently at UC Berkeley) attended this event from our group. Kiera Burns is the third one (2020)! I am very proud of the excellence of our UConn undergraduate students!