Month: April 2019

Gyuho receives the Outstanding Leadership Award!

Gyuho receives 2019 Outstanding Leadership Award at the 2019 MSE Banquet! Many Congratulations!

Gyuho served as the MRS chapter president for two years (2017, 2018) and made a great contribution to the MSE department. He facilitated various activities for both undergraduate and graduate students. We all appreciate all his excellent leadership!

Gyuho won the second place from the 2019 MSE presentation competition.

Gyuho also became the member of Alpha Sigma Mu.


Seok-Woo receives 2019 UConn Mentorship Excellence Award!

Seok-Woo received 2019 UConn Mentorship Excellence Award from Office of Undergraduate Research (04/12/2019).

This award results from undergraduate research with Hetal Patel (Class of 2019) for the last four years. Hetal has studied deformation mechanisms of superelastic material (CaFe2As2) and single crystal tungsten.

She recently accepted the admission offer from the MSE department at UC Berkeley. She also received the NSF graduate student fellowship and the NDSEG fellowship. Both are very prestigious awards for a prospective PhD student.

I really appreciate all her excellent efforts and wish her a very successful career at UC Berkeley!

Hetal’s award speech is available at the website of Office of Undergraduate Research.

Also, the MSE department news highlighted this news at the MSE department webpage.