Month: July 2018

Lee group attended ICSMA 18 at the OSU!

Our whole group attended the ICSMA 18 at the Ohio State University on July 15~19, 2018.

We gave five oral presentations and one poster presentation.

  • John Sypek (Oral): “A New Type of Superelastic and Shape Memory Materials: ThCr2Si2-Structured Intermetallic Compound at Small Length Scales”
  • Keith Dusoe (Oral): “Developing High-Strength, Compliant Polymer Nanocomposites by Infiltration of Inorganic Reinforcing Nanoclusters”
  • Gyuho Song (Oral): “Superelastic Superconductor, CaKFe4As4
  • Tyler Flanagan (Oral): “Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior in Gas Atomized Al 6061 Powders and Splats“
  • Jessica Maita(Oral): “Uni-Axial Compression Tests of Amorphous Boron at the Micrometer Scale”
  • John Sypek (Poster): “Cryogenic Temperature Effects on Superelasticity of the Novel Intermetallic Compound CaFe2As2 At Small Length Scales” – Best Poster Awarded!!!