Month: June 2021

Seok-Woo receives the DOE-BES funds for the next three years!

Seok-Woo receives the DOE-BES fund ($400,000) for the next three years! Seok-Woo’s group will work on the effects of sample dimension on tensile ductility of single crystalline niobium, tantalum, and tungsten at cryogenic temperatures using in-situ cryogenic nano mechanical testing. This work will also use the advanced computer simulations of dislocations (Discrete Dislocation Dynamics and Molecular Dynamics) to understand how dislocations behave in a confined volume. This project will give us a new insight into fundamental understanding of tensile ductility at the micrometer scale!

Seok-Woo receives the collaborative fund from US Army Research Laboratory!

Seok-Woo (co-PI) receives the collaborative fund with Profs. Mark Aindow (PI) and Avinash M. Dongare (Co-PI) from US Army Research Laboratory. These three groups will work together on Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) with US ARL and VRC Metal Systems. Our group will investigate the micro-mechanical properties of WAAMed materials (Inconel and Steel). Additive manufacturing is one of the main research topics in Materials Science and Engineering, and it is wonderful for us to make a contribution to AM technologies!