Month: May 2018

Seok-Woo receives the funding from the Department of Energy (DOE-BES)!

Seok-Woo (PI) receives the funding from the Department of Energy – Basic Energy Science (DOE-BES)!

$367,566, 08/01/2018~07/31/2019

The title of project is “Mechanical properties of metal at the micrometer scale in different environment.” This project will focus on the ductile-to-brittle transition of body-centered-cubic materials at the micrometer scale. We believe that the size effect strongly influences the ductile-to-brittle transition. We will use in-situ cryogenic micromechanical testing, advanced transmission electron microscopy, and dislocation dynamics simulation to elucidate the fundamental dislocation processes at low temperatures (30~300K). The research outcome will be useful to develop a mechanically reliable structure at small length scales, which operates in cryogenic environments such as the deep space.


Seok-Woo receives UConn Research Excellence Award!

Seok-Woo (PI) receives the UConn Research Excellence Award ($50,000, 05/01/2018~04/30/2019) with his collaborator, Prof. Ying Li (co-PI) of UConn Mechanical Engineering. The title of research is “Metal-like strong, but foam-like compliant nanocomposites.” Seok-Woo’ group is primarily working on the composite synthesis and nanomechanics characterization. Prof. Li’s group will work on molecular dynamics simulation to understand the deformation mechanisms.

Jessica is selected as John Lof Leadership Fellow.

Jessica is selected as a John Lof Leadership Fellow. Congratulations!

The following is the description of John Lof Leadership Academy.

“The UConn School of Engineering is proud to announce the establishment of the John Lof Leadership Academy for Graduate Engineering Students. Backed by the generous endowment from John Lof, a former UConn Electrical and Computer Science professor of 35 years, this exclusive Academy will aim to continue the legacy of Dr. Lof, who wished to reward and cultivate a select group of future leaders and engineering trailblazers.  The proceeds of the endowment will be used toward the direct support of the student members (in the form of grants and fellowships) as well as the corresponding Academy programs.”

The detailed information is available at this link.

Keara’s paper is published at JOM!

Keara’s paper entitled “A nanoindentation study of the plastic deformation and fracture mechanisms in single-crystalline CaFe2As2” is now published at JOM (Journal of Materials).


Many Congratulations!

This is the first paper with an undergraduate student as the FIRST author from my laboratory.

Keara is going to attend the graduate school at Georgia Tech in Fall this year. Good luck for her new journey in academia!