Month: March 2016

Seok-Woo gave two talks and chaired the session at TMS 2016, Nashville, TN.

During TMS 2016 (Feb 17 and 18), Nashville, TN, Seok-Woo gave two talks.

1. Two different pathways to produce novel Cu-based nanostructured alloys with enhanced strength and ductility (Seok-Woo Lee, Keith Dusoe, Sriram Vijayan, Thomas Bissell, Dale Gouveia, Mark Aindow – all UConn people)

2. Transition of deformation mode in hollow Cu60Zr40 metallic glass nanolattice (Seok-Woo Lee (UConn), David Chen (Caltech), Julia Greer (Caltech))

Also, Seok-Woo chaired the session of themo-mechanical processing in the symposium ultra-fine grained material.