Month: June 2019

Tyler’s Al6061 cold spray work was published at Scripta Materialia!

Tyler’s Al6061 cold spray work was published at Scripta Materialia!

Tyler J. Flanagan, Benjamin Bedard, Alex Ernst, Avinash M. Dongare, Seok-Woo Lee, Harold D. Brody, Victor K. Champagne Jr, Mark Aindow, “Mechanical properties of supersonic-impacted Al6061 microparticles,” – Scripta Materialia171, 52-56 (2019) [PDF] [web].

This work studied the mechanical properties of Al6061 microparticles that undergo supersonic impacts with ~1 km/s impact velocity. The effects of initial microstructures and impact velocities on mechanical properties were investigated. This work includes various in-situ videos of micro-compression/tension tests. Please enjoy two of them below!


< Micro-tension test >


< Interfacial fracture >

Gyuho’s CaKFe4As4 paper was published at APL Materials!

Gyuho’s CaKFe4As4 paper is published at Applied Physics Letters (APL) Materials. Many Congratulations!

Gyuho Song, Vladislav Borisov, William R. Meier, Mingyu Xu, Keith J. Dusoe, John T. Sypek, Roser Valenti, Paul C. Canfield, Seok-Woo Lee*, “Ultrahigh elastically compressible and strain-engineerable intermetallic compounds under uni-axial mechanical loading,” APL Materials, 7, 061104 (2019) [PDF] [web]

This paper reports the possibility of superconductivity shut-down under uniaxial compression at the micrometer scale. I love this paper!


Gyuho’s BCC study was published at Computational Materials Science!

Gyuho’s paper is published at Computational Materials Science. Many Congrats!

Gyuho Song, Seok-Woo Lee, “Effect of temperature on surface-controlled dislocation multiplication in body-centered-cubic metal micropillars,” – Computational Materials Science, 168, 172-179 (2019) [PDF] [web

This is the first computation paper from my group. Also, this is the first paper done solely by my group. I am very proud of this work. Great job, Gyuho!