Gyuho’s CaKFe4As4 paper was published at APL Materials!

Gyuho’s CaKFe4As4 paper is published at Applied Physics Letters (APL) Materials. Many Congratulations!

Gyuho Song, Vladislav Borisov, William R. Meier, Mingyu Xu, Keith J. Dusoe, John T. Sypek, Roser Valenti, Paul C. Canfield, Seok-Woo Lee*, “Ultrahigh elastically compressible and strain-engineerable intermetallic compounds under uni-axial mechanical loading,” APL Materials, 7, 061104 (2019) [PDF] [web]

This paper reports the possibility of superconductivity shut-down under uniaxial compression at the micrometer scale. I love this paper!