Seok-Woo taught “Materials Science” to kids!

Seok-Woo participated in the STEM day at Farmington, CT on March 10th, 2018. East Farm Elementary School and Farmington Continuing Study organized this special event at Farmington High School, and about 50 elementary school kids (from the 1st grade to 6th grade) attended with their parents. UConn Jackson Laboratories, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and Farmington High School Robotics Team participated in this event, too.

As a materials scientist, Seok-Woo gave fun lectures regarding “Who is a scientist?” and “What is inside the materials we see in our every lives?” He ran the hands-on practice, “how to build crystal structures”, with kids and parents. They built simple cubic, body-centered-cubic, face-centered-cubic and graphene structures by using the modeling magic clays and wood sticks. He also demonstrated how to make bubble crystals and how they react to the force. You can find some useful movies at his website, too (

Seok-Woo learned that making the body-centered cubic structure with kids is really fun because many young kids have a trouble to put the atom in the middle of cubic structure.