Lee group rocked the 2018 TMS annual meeting at Phoenix, AZ!

Lee group rocked the 2018 TMS annual meeting at Phoenix, AZ!

We gave the following oral presentation in four different fields.


<Superelastic Intermetallic Compounds>

Micro-mechanical Characterization of Novel ThCr2Si2-structured Intermetallic Compounds: Fundamental Understanding of Superelasticity by Experiment and Computer Simulation: Keith Dusoe1; Ian Bakst2; John Sypek2; Paul Canfield3; Christopher Weinberger2; Seok-Woo Lee1; 1University of Connecticut; 2Colorado State University; 3Iowa State University

Superelasticity and Micaceous Plasticity of the Novel Intermetallic Compound CaFe2As2 at Small Length Scales: John Sypek1; Christopher Weinberger2; Paul Canfield3; Sergey Bud’ko3; Seok-Woo Lee1; 1University of Connecticut; 2Colorado State University; 3Ames National Lab

[INVITED] Solution Growth of Single-crystalline Intermetallic Compounds and their Mechanical Behaviors at Small Length Scales: Seok-Woo Lee1; John Sypek1; Keith Dusoe1; Gyuho Song1; Paul Canfield2; Sergey Budko3; Christopher Weinberger4; 1University of Connecticut; 2Iowa State University; 3Ames Laboratory; 4Colorado State University

Impact of Point Defects on the Mechanical Properties of 122-superconductors: Ian Bakst1; Christopher Weinberger1; Seok-Woo Lee2; John Sypek2; Paul Canfield3; 1Colorado State University; 2University of C onnecticut; 3Iowa State University


<Cold Spray of Aluminum Powders>

Microstructural and Chemical Analysis of Gas Atomized and Heat Treated Aluminum Alloy Powders: Benjamin Bedard1; Alexis Ernst1; Tyler Flanagan1; Sumit Suresh1; Avinash Dongare1; Seok-Woo Lee1; Harold Brody1; Aaron Nardi2; Victor Champagne3; Mark Aindow1; 1Materials Science and Engineering, and Institute of Materials Science, University of Connecticut; 2United Technologies Research Center; 3U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Weapons and Materials Research Directorate

Mechanical Characterization of Cold Sprayed Aluminum Alloy Powders Using In-situ Micropillar Compression and Tension: Tyler Flanagan1; Benjamin Berdard1; Alexis Ernst1; Sumit Suresh1; Mark Aindow1; Avinash Dongare1; Harold Brody1; Aaron Nardi2; Victor Champagne3; Seok-Woo Lee1; 1University of Connecticut; 2United Technologies Research Center; 3U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Mesoscale Modeling of Single Particle Impact Induced Microstructural Evolution during Cold Spray of Aluminum Powders: Sumit Athikavil Suresh1; Jie Chen1; Benjamin Bedard1; Alexis Ernst1; Tyler Flanagan1; Seok-Woo Lee1; Mark Aindow1; Harold Brody1; Victor Champagne1; Avinash Dongare1; 1University of Connecticut


<Nanostructured Polymer Composite>

Ultra-high Elastic Strain Energy Storage in Hybrid Metal-oxide Infiltrated Polymer Nanocomposites: Keith Dusoe1; Xinyi Ye2; Kim Kisslinger2; Aaron Stein2; Seok-Woo Lee1; Chang-Yong Nam2; 1University of Connecticut; 2Brookhaven National Laboratory


<Dislocation Plasticity>

Molecular Dynamics Study on Temperature-dependent Screw Dislocation Behavior in Body-centered Cubic Metal Nanopillars: Gyuho Song1; Seok- Woo Lee1; 1University of Connecticut


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