Shuyang’s contributed work published at Nature Comm! Congrats!

Shuyang‘s collaboration work (Tra Vinikoor et al.) was published at Nature Communications! Many congratulations!

Shuyang contributed to the nanoindentation measurement that quantifies the degree of healing of the articular cartilage. The mechanical properties of healed cartilages must be similar with those of heathy cartilages. This work shows that nanoindentation can also be used to study bio-materials (tissue re-generation).

Tra Vinikoor, Godwin dzidotor, Thinh T. Le, Yang Liu, Ho-Man Kan, Srimanta Barui, Meysam T. Chorsi,  Eli J. Curry, Emily Reinhardt, Hanzhang Wang, Parbeen Singh, Marc A Merriman, Ethan D’orio, Shuyang Xiao, James H Chapman, Feng Lin, Cao-Sang Truong, Somasundaram Prasadh, Lisa Chuba, Shaelyn Killoh, Seok-Woo Lee, Qian Wu, Ramaswamy M. Chidambaram, Kevin W. H. Lo, Cato T. Laurencin, Thanh D. Nguyen, “Injectable and biodegradable piezoelectric hydrogel for medical applications,” Nature Communications, 14, 6257 (2023) [PDF][web]