Profs. Ying Li and Seok-Woo Lee receives the NSF-MoMS fund ($600,000)!

Profs. Ying Li (Mechanical Engineering, UConn) and Seok-Woo Lee (Materials Science and Engineering, UConn) receives the NSF-MoMS (Mechanics of Materials and Structures) fund, $600,000 for 01/01/2020~12/31/2022.

The title of project is “Unrevealing Mechanics of Anomalous High Strength and Low Stiffness in Polymer Nanocomposites“. This project will investigate the fundamental origin of high strength and low Young’s modulus of sequential-infiltration-synthesized polymer nanocomposites using the advanced computer simulation and in-situ nanomechanical testing system. Polymer synthesis will be done by collaborating with Dr. Chang-Yong Nam at the Center for Functional Nanomaterials of Brookhaven National Laboratory.