Amanda, Hetal, and Leo attended 2016 MS&T meeting at Utah! Also, check out Chef Ramsay’s picture!

Amanda Giroux, Hetal Patel, and Leopoldo Valencia Jr. attended 2016 MS&T meeting at Utah. Amanda gave a poster presentation about her summer research on Superplasticity of ThCr2Si2-structured intermetallic compounds (This work was supported by NSF-REU program). Hetal participated in Mug Cup Drop contest. Leo participated in Geodome contest.

Leo is currently working on the development of Cu-based nanostructured alloys with enhanced strength and ductility with Jack Morley. Hetal is currently working on the measurement of temperature-dependent theoretical strength of metal using spherical nanoindentation. Amanda studied “Superplasticity of ThCr2Si2-structured intermetallic compounds” during the last summer.

Amanda met Chef Gordon Ramsay!!! Awesome!!!

Also, read the department news!

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